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A Space Poddity 8 : Tin Machine

A Space Poddity 8 : Tin Machine

September 4, 2019

You know.  When we started this podcast, your cohosts Marc, Eric and Steve, set out with a simple purpose.  To connect to people through their love of music via a jovial conversation, laying out the spoils of our various takes on the deep dive in discographies. They've been holding hands and traversing through the history of music in this season 2:  David Bowie. All was going well. Best.Laid.Plans.  


Cut to Shady Pines Mental Institue:  

A nurse walks into a room.  It is shadowed by the afternoon sun hitting the blinds just so.  Three patients in the room don't notice.  Their poor minds are gone.  A serious trauma twisted their neurons into their emotions and blocked any further chance at experiencing the world in the same way.  Marc is curled on the floor, hitting his head onto a wood block, repeatedly.  Eric crying as he drops his spoonful of jello again, not getting a single bite into his mouth.  Steven, humming madness as he tries to connect a lego to a duplo.  The doctor approaches the nurse, sighs and shrugs, "What's all this then?"  To which the nurse replied, "Tin Machine, doc.  Those sweet boys never recovered from Tin Machine.  It broke their minds."

Enjoy the maddening adventure in to the colossal assault on our dignity. Tin Machine. 


Time Stamps:


The World of 89-92



Tin Machine Backstory



Tin Machine 1: Track-By-Track



The Fan the Feeds (Fan Feedback)



Tin Machine 2 Track-by-Track



Diamond Dice roll for next episode:  




Space Poddity Artwork by Greg Wolgast


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Bowie/Reeves:  Look Back in Anger (1988 version)



Tin Machine 1:  Promo Video Compilation



Tin Machine:  Country Bus Stop



Tin Machine:  Maggies Farm (Live)



David Bowie:  I Can't Read (Ice Storm Version)



Tin Machine:  Needles in the Sand



Adrian Belew featuring Bowie:





Fire Walk With Me Trailer



The Missing Pieces:  Philip Jefferies



The Linguini Incident Trailer



B-Side : Side Projects

B-Side : Side Projects

August 28, 2019

As is our tradition, we are interjecting another bonus B-Side episode in-between our Bowie analysis.  As our next Bowie album is "Tin Machine" , we have each made a top 5 list with our favorite Side Projects.  Enjoy as we take you a trip through the times our favorite artists dipped there toes in labors of love.  Speaking of which, enjoy Steven and Marc's brand new side project called "Cutting the Fat: Bowie talk without the dead weight" 

Phase 02 Artwork by Greg Wolgast: 




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A scattering of things discussed

Ohgr:  Magik


On Cinema -  Tim Rages Supercut 


Fever Ray - To the Moon and Back


Fantomas Live a New Year Revolution 


Secret Chiefs 3:  New Horizon 


Lovage:  Book of the Month


Grinderman: Heathen Child


A Space Poddity 7.5 : …And Super Creeps (Scary Monsters Pt. 2)

A Space Poddity 7.5 : …And Super Creeps (Scary Monsters Pt. 2)

August 21, 2019

This week we bring you the thrilling conclusion to our discussion on David Bowie's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). Steven provides some Grade-A vocalizations of the guitar work, Eric waxes poetic into the lyrical meanings found in the line of "We are the Goon Squad and we're coming to town..BEEP BEEP,"and Marc struggles to find a way to work in a Disneyland reference in his song reviews. Ultimately, there's something for everyone in this episode. 

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Links (2 3 4)

  1. Fashion - Official Music Video - https://youtu.be/F-z6u5hFgPk
  2. Robert Fripp has something to say - https://youtu.be/24VmBWMkPyM
  3. Ash - Cover of Teenage Wildlife - https://youtu.be/AqyhaAbMXMs
  4. Deadsy - Cover of Teenage Wildlife - https://youtu.be/TurUTFmzHoo
  5. Ava Cherry - I Am A Laser - https://youtu.be/gDidSNQyB24
  6. Tom Verlaine - Kingdom Come - https://youtu.be/p2g4NPMlr6A
  7. Crystal Japan - Promo - https://youtu.be/Tg-9pL6k3CI
  8. Space Oddity 1979 - https://youtu.be/z5wMEqEuTTA
  9. Iggy Pop w/ David Bowie and Simple Minds - Play it Safe - https://youtu.be/XORzryeINXE
A Space Poddity 7 : Scary Monsters…(Part 1)

A Space Poddity 7 : Scary Monsters…(Part 1)

August 14, 2019


In this episode, your intrepid hosts look under the bed and open the coat closets to find David Bowie's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). This 1980 album captured the quintessential Bowie sound and style that (spoiler alert) your hosts swooned over for an episode so long we had to split it into two parts. In this first chapter, we talk about the year 1980 and all goings on during that time period. We also delve into the first four tracks of Scary Monsters. 

Next week will bring the thrilling conclusion.

Feedback and audience participation encouraged! Go to the following links to let us know what you think!

Where to Find Us:

Video Links?:

  1. David Bowie with Nine Inch Nails 1995 - Subterraneans / Scary Monsters - https://youtu.be/Xnr_RAexqxg
  2. Tired of My Life (Early Version of It's No Game) - https://youtu.be/VDCHqejcOfI
  3. Up the Hill Backwards (Demo) - https://youtu.be/-OcGXYUS4Jo
  4. Ashes to Ashes (Official Video) - https://youtu.be/HyMm4rJemtI
  5. David Bowie on The Tonight Show 1980 - https://youtu.be/hjbSDiAQLEc
  6. Tears for Fears - Cover of Ashes to Ashes - https://youtu.be/LReqeLYgjhQ
  7. Warpaint - Cover of Ashes to Ashes - https://youtu.be/4Ou7VwS3pSw
  8. Amanda Palmer & Jherek Bischoff - Cover of Ashes to Ashes - https://youtu.be/IFTzh_KtE4Q
  9. A Perfect Circle - Cover of Ashes to Ashes - https://youtu.be/JLAt1EC3jqk
B-Side: Top 5 Monsters

B-Side: Top 5 Monsters

August 6, 2019

In preparation for our next episode where we discuss David Bowie's Scary Monsters, the trio head into the nearby haunted house to talk about their top 5 monsters. Yes, it's not yet Halloween, but this episode will be sure to give you thrills and chills. If you're playing the Pod Like a Hole: Home Edition game, let us know what your Top 5 Monsters list looks like on the usual social platforms. 

Join us next week for Part 1 of our discussion on Scary Monsters (you read that right, the boys had fun with this one).



B-Side: The Buddha of Suburbia

B-Side: The Buddha of Suburbia

July 29, 2019

In this B-Side episode, we quickly look at David Bowie's 1993 soundtrack album, The Buddha of Suburbia. The soundtrack was considered a lost release for many years after it was deleted, despite Bowie claiming it was his favorite album. Do the hosts agree? 


  1. Buddha of Suburbia (Official Video) - https://youtu.be/xHPIAFaKd1I
  2. Buddha of Suburbia (BBC2 Trailer) - https://youtu.be/sdLgU8pOl5I
A Space Poddity 6 : Black Tie White Noise

A Space Poddity 6 : Black Tie White Noise

July 24, 2019

In this episode we learn that David loved the 90s almost as much as he loved Iman. In this episode of Space Poddity - Pod Like a Hole Phase 2, the audio chrononauts travel to 1993 and dissect an artifact very much of it's time: Black Tie White Noise. Marvel at the plastic production. Be amazed at the on the nose commentary. Envy the giant shoulder pads. And be thankful it's not as bad as Never Let Me Down but not by much. 2.5 hours of Eric, Marc, and Steve trying to mine for gold in David's New Jack City. 

Video, Viideos, Videeos!

  1. Black Tie White Noise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuhA6EPpBVo
  2. Jump They Say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPZWgCLMsW8
  3. The Tonight show (Smitten Duke) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76X3aihikTk
  4. You've Been Around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-MzTl_kjAU 
  5. Night Flights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL03lUj89oY
  6. Arsenio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-I4mOFM5yY
BONUS: David Bowie’s Real Cool World

BONUS: David Bowie’s Real Cool World

July 18, 2019

Before we put on our black ties and enjoy the white noise of the Wedding, your friends at Pod Like A Hole set some time aside to discuss the early 90s Bowie single Real Cool World. We also dive into some talk about the absurd 1992 film Cool World, Brad Pitt, live action animated films, and for some reason - Adventure Games. #monkeyisland. 

Come back next week for the best thing to come out of David Bowie's Black Tie White Noise, which happens to be the podcast episode of us talking about it. 


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Cool World Trailer : https://youtu.be/_kJAVgY8DMk

Real Cool World Music Video : https://dai.ly/x3zwrlk

Toonstruck Video Game Trailer : https://youtu.be/OIIXjulD3_w

A Space Poddity 5 : Diamond Dogs

A Space Poddity 5 : Diamond Dogs

July 3, 2019

Your Bowie Boys have returned to review the oft misunderstood mishmash of the 1974 dystopia known as Diamond Dogs.  Marc, Eric  and Steve dive deep into the dirt and grime of Hunger City 1984.  We give you a track-by-track analysis of the album, a little peek into David's life and recording process at the time, and pop culture in 1974.  In addition, we go over some scraps and B-Sides from this time, as well as the Bowie live albums "David Live!" and "Cracked Actor" as well as the accompanied BBC film.  

Enjoy!  Let us know your ranking (how many out of 5 Bolts?)

Also!  Want to contribute to show?  Beer and pizza money?  New microphones?  https://www.patreon.com/podlikeahole





Season 2 Artwork by Greg Wolgast!  



  1. Candidate (Demo Version) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upyHkkSdv2M
  2. 1984/Demo Live - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJORm7Hgt94
  3. BBC Documentary:  "Cracked Actor" Directed by David Bowie (entire feature) -https://archive.org/details/BBC_A_Film_By_Bowie_Cracked_Actor_1975
  4. Beck:  Diamond Dogs (w/ Timbaland) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4tF0pjKdQI
  5. Beck:  Diamond Dogs (Live) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wXUufZKbTc
  6. Mick Ronson:  Pleasure Man -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSBMHcUZti4
  7. From Cracked Actor:  Moonage Daydream - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6EqT_YMLNQ
BONUS: Top 5 Dystopias

BONUS: Top 5 Dystopias

June 24, 2019

Bonus Episode:  Top 5 Dystopias!

As your hosts prepare their minds for the next Bowie experiment:  Diamond Dogs, they present to you a bonus episode.  Over the next 45 minutes your co-hosts (Marc, Eric, Steve) give you another batch of lists!  Top 5 Dystopias!  Enjoy and play along at home by posting your Top 5 dystopian stories to our various social network feeds.  






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