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A Space Poddity 7.5 : …And Super Creeps (Scary Monsters Pt. 2)

August 21, 2019

This week we bring you the thrilling conclusion to our discussion on David Bowie's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). Steven provides some Grade-A vocalizations of the guitar work, Eric waxes poetic into the lyrical meanings found in the line of "We are the Goon Squad and we're coming to town..BEEP BEEP,"and Marc struggles to find a way to work in a Disneyland reference in his song reviews. Ultimately, there's something for everyone in this episode. 

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Links (2 3 4)

  1. Fashion - Official Music Video - https://youtu.be/F-z6u5hFgPk
  2. Robert Fripp has something to say - https://youtu.be/24VmBWMkPyM
  3. Ash - Cover of Teenage Wildlife - https://youtu.be/AqyhaAbMXMs
  4. Deadsy - Cover of Teenage Wildlife - https://youtu.be/TurUTFmzHoo
  5. Ava Cherry - I Am A Laser - https://youtu.be/gDidSNQyB24
  6. Tom Verlaine - Kingdom Come - https://youtu.be/p2g4NPMlr6A
  7. Crystal Japan - Promo - https://youtu.be/Tg-9pL6k3CI
  8. Space Oddity 1979 - https://youtu.be/z5wMEqEuTTA
  9. Iggy Pop w/ David Bowie and Simple Minds - Play it Safe - https://youtu.be/XORzryeINXE

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