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Depeche Mode - Discography Part 1

May 13, 2022

In part 1 of our trilogy of Depeche Mode episodes, we discuss the first phase of Depeche Mode's career. We get our synths out, bounce around the room, and speak and spell out the early days of Martin Gore, Andy Fletcher, Alan Wilder, Vince Clarke, and Dave Gahan. 

So, don't fret about any broken frames because it's construction time again with more than just some great reward at the end. I'll see myself out.


Video Links:

Just Can't Get Enough

See You

The Meaning of Love

Leave in Silence

Get the Balance Right

Everything Counts

Love, In Itself

People Are People

Master and Servant

Blasphemous Rumours


Shake the Disease

It's Called a Heart


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